Four happy children smiling wide.


For more than 80 years God has given Child Evangelism Fellowship® a number of unique ministries which have proven to be effective tools in our effort to evangelise and disciple children. Find out how God continues to use the exciting club ministries CEF offers around the world.

Good News Clubs®

Reaching children through Good News Clubs® is still the most effective way to bring the Word of God to boys and girls. We aim to maintain a constant growth in the number of clubs that are held as well as the number of children that are reached. We are proud to provide 'Wonder Devotional' books and 'Every Day With God' booklets to the children of the clubs.

5-Day Clubs®

Our holiday 5-Day Club® takes place over the course of a 5-day period. We coordinate with church leaders, schools and volunteers in order to reach children during each holiday. School holidays are the ideal time for this ministry, as it offers a unique opportunity for children to interact with teenagers through the Christian Youth In Action programme.

Seasonal & Party Clubs

These are one-time clubs normally held once a year. Presented in a fun, party theme for additional outreach at a special of time of the year, often in new and previously unreached areas. They include Christmas party clubs and Easter party clubs.

Children Reaching Children

Children can sometimes take the Gospel further than we can. We train children who have already been evangelised and discipled in Good News Clubs® to reach their peers effectively with the Gospel, using the simple tool of the Gospel Turnaround.

Christian Youth in Action (CYIA)

There are many children who were in Good News Clubs® that are now teenagers, and through CYIA they can have the opportunity to reach children for Christ. This is a wonderful opportunity for young people and university students to serve the Lord, and grow spiritually.

Multimedia Ministry

When the pandemic struck in 2020 CEF South Africa moved to increase the development of evangelistic multimedia and online resources for children. We have developed video devotionals and online lessons, and distributed digital tracts. These have been remarkably effective, reaching many children in the country and beyond with the Good News.